The iCALC software is based on specific and individual parameters per patient (body surface area, kV, heart rate,etc...).
    A unique feature is that the iCALC algorithm takes the heart rate into account.The result is a "patient tailored IV contrast injection".

    Several thousands of patients have already been scanned with iCALC and the appreciated valuable input from different users is used to modify the algorithm.
    iCALC allows the user / radiologist to personalize it according to their needs.
    The use of iCALC is valuable for the patient, useful for the radiologist and cost efficient for the hospital.

    iCALC can be used on the following protocols:

    •   Thoracic/Abdominal CT's (screening, All-in-One, Oncology,Uro, etc...)
    •   Abdominal CT's (one or multiphase)
    •   Aortic examinations
    •   Runoff examinations
    •   All other CT examinations where contrast volume reduction is an option

    Not approved for:

    •   Cardiac CT
    •   Perfusion CT
    •   Angio carotides/brain
    •   Pediatric examinations

    Cost efficiency

    Easy to use
    Cost effective
    Maintain image quality
    Patient tailored contrast volume injections